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Highest quality materials that are UV resistant and don’t shrink over time.

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We use experienced fabricators that custom build frames to fit the contours and shape of your car perfectly.

Have you seen those loose fitting canopies that flap in the wind and are covered in creases?

Well, you can rest assured that this will NOT happen to you when you invest in one of our products; we take the utmost in our work to make sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Don’t have your Brand new car look dated with a poor quality canopy that looks like it came over on the first fleet. Or perhaps you’re looking at sprucing up your beloved ole girl, Contact us for competitive pricing. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or want something heavily customized please, give us a call.

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    Standard Ute Canopy

    Our most popular canopy is the Standard Ute Canopy. With a custom made aluminium frame to fit your Ute, which can be easily removed and can be packed flat against a wall. Once the frame is made, we custom make the canopy cover to fit your ute and frame. Our standard colours readily available are black and grey. Upon request, we can order other colours at extra cost.

    The cover will have a dual zipped door on both sides and the rear of the cover with a roll-up assembly of the doors.


We have chosen to steer our canopies away from using Canvas for a few reasons. Firstly canvas isn’t 100% waterproof after time, the colour will fade and most importantly it will shrink. The shrinkage results in zips wearing prematurely, elastic loops being over stretched and not reaching their mark. Canvas is prone to growing mould and mildew and becoming a health hazard.

Due to these contributing factors, WAU will only make canopies using Aquatica Marine Hooding, partnered with Pascal Premium Marine Grade Zip, and Sewn together with American Made Sun Stop North Wick Marine Grade Thread. Using these components, we can ensure a long lasting canopy for every customer.

Aquatica’s advanced marine construction based on superior chemistry and technology is specifically designed to meet the harsh and demanding conditions of marine environments. The fabric possesses many exceptional benefits including tear, tensile and bond strength, UV and abrasion resistance, as well as higher resistance to mould and mildew. It is easy to clean, reducing the impact of bird dropping and other substances that soil and discolour inferior fabrics and also protects against rain, salt spray, heat and harsh solar rays. The superior features of Aquatica reduce maintenance costs and assure value preservation of any canopy. This is all backed by a genuine 3 year fabric warranty.

Features and Benefits

  • Permashield surface protection
  • Bio-Pruf mould and mildew protection
  • Waterproof
  • UV stabilised
  • High resistance to soiling
  • Colour Fast
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Supported by the Nolan.UDA warranty of 3yrs


Our frames are made by highly experienced aluminium fabricators. No two frames are the same, each frame is custom built to the contours and shape of your vehicle, this ensures a perfect fit and a great looking canopy.

Customised ute tray headboards – When building your canopy frame, We start by copying the head board profile of your tray. If your trays headboard has an unsightly shape, we can design a new head board to follow the profile of your vehicle cab to ensure the best looking canopy possible.

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    Locking Cage Canopies

    We can fabricate Lockable aluminium cages custom built to suit your vehicle which are light weight and well ventilated so you can rest assured that your valuables are secure. Locking cages include gas strutted doors, and single key entry on all locks. Central locking is also available. We then manufacture a custom made canopy tailored to suit your needs.

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Fly Screens

Turn your tray into a home on wheels with flyscreen’s to keep the creepy crawlies out, and the cool air in.

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Clear PVC Windows

Great for allowing vision with your canopy. Although we like to let out customers know that the windows are likely to go cloudy over time. The will not last as long as the rest of the canopy will. We can put windows where ever you require, including the roof for star-gazing.

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Extra Zips

Standard canopies come with 6 zips, allowing for a door on each side and the rear. However if you would like to add an extra door way for ease of access to your fridge, tool box or even for your pooch to poke his head out of, we can do that for you.

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Pressurising Vents

Added to pressurize the canopy to stop dust ingress. Positive pressure stops dust from being able to enter in through gaps of the tray.

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Click on Fit

We have modernised the ute canopy by adding in the option to swap out the bungee loops for a ‘click on’ rail system which is attached to the side on the well body tub. In most cases all well body tubs that have had the frame made by us is suitable for this. Only certain tray backs are compatible with having the rail system. Don’t hesitate to enquire if your tray is suitable.

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'No Drill' Click on Fit

We have also gone one step further and designed a unique frame that is attached to the inside floor of the tub. This ensures that the frame can be removed without leaving drill holes in the side of the tub.


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