Western Auto Upholstery can recover and replace all upholstery needs for all makes and models.

See our listed services below to see what we offer.

Our services are not limited to just these. Contact us via our contact details on the page for your free Quote today.

Automotive 1

Seat Repair

If your car seat has a tear in it or is faded and worn we can repair it like new. We can also fix, replace or build up the foam on your seating. If your car seating has seen better days get in touch with us today.

Automotive 2

Hood Lining Repair

Most passenger cars on the Australian market have an interior headlining that has a thin layer of foam between the material and the ceiling. Due to Perth’s hot summers, this foam layer tends to disintegrate seemingly fast (sometimes on vehicles less than 3yrs old due to high heat exposure). Western Auto Upholstery offers a vehicle hood lining replacement service to rectify this issue and it comes at a lesser price than you may think. We start by removing all of the accessories associated with the roof lining and remove the entire ceiling liner from the car, we then remove old material and strip the decaying foam from the board. Once the board is clean we glue new material that matches the interior to the board, cut it out and refit the lining to the car. Some models of cars are easier to fix than other so prices vary.

Automotive 3

Custom Trimming

Bespoke trimming for when you’re looking to transform your interior to something unique. We can customize your seat, door trims, Carpets, hood linings to go with whatever design you have in mind. We are able to use a wide variety of quality materials such as leather, vinyl, cloth and even imitation snake croc and Ostridge skin. Talk to us today about your vision.

Automotive 4

OEM Seating Replacements

Change your seats from vinyl to leather or cloth or just have your seating replaced with a new genuine cover. WAU works with all Insurance providers.

Automotive 5

Soft Top and Convertible Hood Replacements

If you’re looking for something unique we can custom make you a soft top or replace with a OEM soft top. WAU works with all insurance providers.

Automotive 6

Vintage/Classic Car Upholstery and Trimming

Top to Bottom inside out we work with our clients closely to ensure what we create can far exceed expectations. From creating something completely different or recreating the way your pride and joy rolled out of the factory. The finer details matter to us, from period correct fasteners and materials to replicating the methods of manufacturing used in the period.

Automotive 7

Carpets & Vinyl Flooring

Automotive carpets can be ordered as a molded matt or we can custom make a vinyl or carpet flooring for your car truck or boat. Paired with our flooring underlay it will be better than new.

Automotive 8

Sound Deadener

It is amazing how much road noise can be reduced to just about dead silence with the right amount of sound deadener. Have us remove your car’s interior and install our specially made automotive sound deadener matting.

Automotive 9

Tonneau and Ute Shades

Tonneaus are another specialty of ours. We can make a tonneau that clips on with our click on rail system or the old fashioned elastic bungee loop style. We can also add zips to your tonneau to make for easy access or just so your dog can poke his head out. WAU also makes roll bar shades to suit your factory roll bar for shade for the dogs.


What can Western Auto Upholstery do for your vehicle?