Most passenger cars on the Australian market have an interior headlining that has a thin layer of foam between the material and the ceiling. Due to Perth’s hot summers, this foam layer tends to disintegrate seemingly fast (sometimes on vehicles less than 3yrs old due to high heat exposure). Western Auto Upholstery offers a vehicle hood lining replacement service to rectify this issue and it comes at a lesser price than you may think. We start by removing all of the accessories associated with the roof lining and remove the entire ceiling liner from the car, we then remove old material and scrub the decaying foam from the board. Once the board is clean we glue we glue new material to the board, cut it out and refit the lining to the car. Some models of cars are easier to fix than other so prices vary. A mobile headlining replacement service is available upon request. The mobile service is only available up to a 20km radius from Fremantle and Incurs a call out fee.