We have chosen to steer our canopies away from using Canvas for a few reasons. Firstly canvas isn’t 100% waterproof after time, the colour will fade and most importantly it will shrink. The shrinkage results in zips wearing prematurely, elastic loops being over stretched and not reaching their mark.

Mariner Premium Boat Hooding has been developed to withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian outdoors. Manufactured under stringent quality control standards, using premium quality raw materials, Mariner is Australia’s leading fabric for marine canopies and covers. Mariner is coated with a PermaShield surface to enhance protection and provide ease of maintenance. Mariner also contains a Bio-Pruf formulation and is finished with a waterproof backing to provide exceptional protection against mould and mildew.

Features & Benefits
•Permashield surface protection
•Bio-Pruf mould and mildew protection
•UV stabilised
•High resistance to soiling
•Colour Fast
•Abrasion resistant
•Excellent strength to weight ratio
•Supported by the Nolan.UDA warranty of 3yrs


To view the materials and for more information have a look at the manufacturers website below.